Afterglow (1990)

Disc One 1. 10538 Overture 2. Mr. Radio 3. Kuiama 4. In Old England Town (Boogie #2) 5. Mama 6. Roll Over Beethoven 7. Bluebird is Dead 8. Ma-Ma-Ma Belle 9. Showdown 10.Can't Get it Out of My Head 11.Boy Blue 12.One Summer Dream Disc Two 1. Evil Woman 2. Tightrope 3. Strange Magic 4. Do Ya 5. Nightrider 6. Waterfall 7. Rockaria! 8. Telephone Line 9. So Fine 10.Livin' Thing 11.Mr. Blue Sky 12.Sweet is the Night 13.Turn to Stone 14.Sweet Talkin' Woman 15.Steppin' Out 16.Midnight Blue 17.Don't Bring Me Down Disc Three 1. Prologue 2. Twilight 3. Julie Don't Live Here 4. Shine a Little Love 5. When Time Stood Still 6. Rain is Falling 7. Bouncer 8. Hello My Old Friend 9. Hold on Tight 10.Four Little Diamonds 11.Mandalay 12.Buildings Have Eyes 13.So Serious 14.A Matter of Fact 15.No Way Out 16.Getting to the Point 17.Destination Unknown 18.Rock & Roll is King


In the years following the demise of E.L.O., for whatever reason, this band (or more likely, their record company) put out masses of greatest hits/best of compilations. Unfortunately, there are so many that it would make your head spin to try to keep track of all of them. Probably precious few were "authorized", or, had the blessing of Jeff Lynne and the other members of the band.

The first "respectable" compilation was a 3 disc box set that came out in 1990 - about four years after they had called it quits. The first thing when observing this set is that the band really didn't have that much memorable material. Maybe enough for two discs, but getting it to three was a bit of a stretch. For the most part, this is an adequate representation of most of their hits with a few curious omissions (Last Train to London, Calling America nor anything from the Xanadu soundtrack is here).

To pad this thing to three discs, they do some strange, questionable tactics. For example, one of their worst albums (E.L.O. II) has four out of its five songs represented. About 33 minutes of that atrocity to be exact. Then, since their last few albums were pretty thin, they include plenty of b-sides and songs that were never released from the latter-day period (nothing of that sort is here from the classic material from the seventies). Let's just say there was an obvious reason why those songs were never released.

Overall though, the collection meets expectations. No band ever made an ultimate box set that all fans would come to a consensus as to the quality, so it's pointless to argue these things or split hairs. What was a bit strange was that the band would release another 3 CD box set just a few short years after this one. The song selection was slightly better, so it makes picking this one up a bit unnecessary.

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