Greatest Hits (1978)

1. Evil Woman 2. Livin' Thing 3. Can't Get it Out of My Head 4. Showdown 5. Turn to Stone 6. Rockaria! 7. Sweet Talkin' Woman 8. Telephone Line 9. Ma-Ma-Ma Belle 10.Strange Magic 11.Mr. Blue Sky


When released in 1978, the band were at the top of their game. They didn't know it at the time, but the vehicle would run out of gas in just a few short years. That's a bit of a shame from the perspective of this collection, because had they waited another couple of albums before they would have released this, it would have been slightly stronger. In other words, they never really had the staying power to ever put out a Volume 2.

Still, though, you can't argue with what is here. They stick pretty close to the strict interpretation of the word "hits" as there is nothing from their first two records here. A good representation of what this band accomplished in the 1970's - even if it could have been better with a couple of tracks that hadn't been released yet.

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