Flashback (2000)

Disc One 1. 10538 Overture 2. Showdown 3. Ma-Ma-Ma Belle 4. Mr. Radio 5. Roll Over Beethoven 6. Mama 7. One Summer Dream 8. Illusions in G Major 9. Strange Magic 10.Eldorado Overture 11.Can't Get it Out of My Head 12.Eldorado 13.Edlorado Finale 14.Do Ya 15.Mr Kingdom 16.Grieg's Piano Concerto in A Minor Disc Two 1. Tightrope 2. Evil Woman 3. Livin' Thing 4. Mr. Blue Sky 5. Mission (A New World Record) 6. Turn to Stone 7. Telephone Line 8. Rockaria! 9. Starlight 10.It's Over 11.The Whale 12.Sweet Talkin' Woman 13.Big Wheels 14.Shangri-La 15.Nightrider 16.Tears in Your Life Disc Three 1. Don't Bring Me Down 2. The Diary of Horace Wimp 3. Twilight 4. Secret Messages 5. Take Me On and On 6. Shine a Little Love 7. Rock & ROll is King 8. Last Train to London 9. Confusion 10.Getting to the Point 11.Hold On Tight 12.So Serious 13.Calling America 14.Four Little Diamonds 15.Great Balls of Fire (Live) 16.Xanadu 17.Indian Queen 18.Love Changes All 19.After All 20.Helpless 21.Who's That


Why another box set so shortly after the last one? Especially since this band was still retired and hadn't put out anything new in the few years in between. Beats me. Fortunately, this one does sound a bit better, and the song selection seems as though more care was devoted. The only thing that really should be here that's not would be Rain is Falling. Actually, that might be my personal bias since even though it was released as a single, it never really took off as much as I would have liked.

Another advantage is that the previous compilation seemed too saturated with latter day E.L.O. (you know, the period where no one bought their records anymore) complete with a plethora of unreleased tracks (they were obviously unreleased for a reason). This set has some unreleased material scattered, but it covers the whole history of the band (and, yes, to be honest a lot of it is garbage). Still nothing from Xanadu. I guess since it was a soundtrack, there must have been legal reasons. What is included, though, is a version of Xanadu where Jeff Lynne sings the lead vocal. They pull it off quite nicely. The best of the lot if you can afford, and want, a box set.

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