Strange Magic: The Very Best of The Electric Light Orchestra (1995)

Disc One 1. 10538 Overture 2. Roll Over Beethoven 3. Showdown 4. Daybreaker 5. Ma-Ma-Ma Belle 6. Can't Get it Out of My Head 7. Boy Blue 8. Evil Woman 9. Strange Magic 10.Livin' Thing 11.Do Ya 12.Telephone Line 13.Rockaria! Disc Two 1. Turn to Stone 2. Sweet Talkin' Woman 3. Mr. Blue Sky 4. It's Over 5. Shine a Little Love 6. Don't Bring Me Down 7. Confusion 8. Last Train to London 9. Hold on Tight 10.Twilight 11.Rain is Falling 12.Rock & Roll is King 13.Four Little Diamonds 14.Stranger 15.Calling America 16.So Serious


It can get extremely confusing if one is wanting to obtain a "best of" package from this group. To be fair, most super groups of the past ran into the debacle of record company greed during the first decade of the 21st century. The record industry was dying, and the more "hits" compilations that were released, the better the chance of reaping some sort of profit (it's much cheaper to repackage older songs that to give an artist money to make something new). What made things more confusing was that many members of E.L.O. wanted to reunite in the 90's-00's, but Jeff Lynne wasn't interested. Therefore, legal protocol dictated that the reformed group call themselves "Electric Light Orchestra Part 2". That incarnation put out 2 studio albums - and then live albums of this "different band" appeared ten fold. It was very easy for even diehards to be confused with all the packages on the market.

All of this to say, if you want a "best of" package that is not a box set (i.e. you only want 2 discs instead of 3), this one is your best bet. It's not perfect, but it's darn near close. The songs are mostly chronological and covers the whole career (sans the Xanadu stuff). Not only is this one probably the most ideal, but I would honestly steer clear of most of the other stuff by this band that claims to be the "Best Of".

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