Big Ones (1994)

1.Walk on Water
2.Love in an Elevator
3.Rag Doll
4.What it Takes
5.Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
6.Janie's Got a Gun
9.Blind Man
10.Deuces are Wild
11.The Other Side
13.Eat the Rich
15.Livin' on the Edge


With Aerosmith exiting their Geffen record label in the early 1990's, the label wisely pulled the band's biggest hits for a compilation album. Although there is only material from mainly 3 albums here (nothing is included from the mundane Done With Mirrors, plus 3 non album cuts) the package holds up quite well simply because the band had so many well known songs to feature from this time period.

The two new songs, Walk on Water and Blind Man are great tracks, plus they throw in Deuces are Wild from a Beavis and Butt-head album. The rest of the material are songs that everyone has heard of - so there are no surprises. While some may scoff that the band's later material was too radio friendly, or too sappy - you can't argue with the concept here. A great package of the best of the Geffen material.

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