Tough Love: Best of the Ballads

1. Angel
2. Amazing
3. Love in an Elevator
4. Cryin'
5. What it Takes
6. Rag Doll
7. Crazy
8. Deuces are Wild
9. Livin' on the Edge
10.Blind Man
11.Janie's Got a Gun
12.Dream On


What a waste. Apparently these guys weren't getting along too well, and supposedly they tried getting back together to put out a new album and/or at least tour. For whatever reason, nothing was gelling. Then Steven Tyler accepted a role to be a judge on American Idol. If ever there was an excuse for fans to disown a band....

So, a new compilation was in order since it was probably the only thing that could be done. The well was running dry with ideas. Someone came up with the idea of "ballads". Not a bad thing in itself, but half the stuff here can't really be called a ballad. No, this is an excuse to bring in more money for the label and/or the band itself. The songs are all good, but we've heard them all before. Let's also remember that these guys actually do have some decent "ballads" in their catalog. Why are they not here? 'Cause they weren't hits. Big rip off.

This was so so sad.

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