Dylan (1973)

1. Lily of the West 2. Can't Help Falling in Love 3. Sarah Jane 4. Mr. Bojangles 5. The Ballad of Ira Hayes 6. Mary Ann 7. Big Yellow Taxi 8. A Fool Such as I 9. Spanish is the Loving Tongue


I believe this album is now out of print - and that's a good thing. It's not because the record is bad (although it sure as heck ain't good), but it's a good thing because this album was never supposed to be released in the first place.

When Dylan had released his turkey Self Portrait a few years earlier, apparently there were some extra tracks laying around. This is something all recording artists should avoid if they plan on leaving their record label with a less-than friendly "goodbye". So Columbia took it upon themselves to hastily compile this nine song album and tried to sell a few copies and make the accountants happy.

This is mostly "covers", but that's really not the point. He doesn't really make any real effort for quality. Again, though, he wasn't really trying to do so. The Self Portrait fiasco had so many styles littered throughout its sprawling double album, and the tunes here are a bit more uniform. Unlike Self Portrait, this album at least as a consistent feel. Sure it's bad, but it's only bad on one level as opposed to a multitude of levels. The fact that Dylan at least tried to keep this one away makes it somewhat more forgivable, but only slightly more listenable.

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