Triplicate (2017)

Disc One 1. I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plans 2. September of My Years 3. I Could Have Told You 4. Once Upon A Time 5. Stormy Weather 6. This Nearly Was Mine 7. That Old Feeling 8. It Gets Lonely Early 9. My One and Only Love 10.Trade Winds Disc Two 11.Braggin' 12.As Time Goes By 13.Imagination 14.How Deep is the Ocean 15.P.S. I Love You 16.The Best is Yet to Come 17.Beautiful 18.Here's That Rainy Day 19.Where is the One 20.There's a Flaw in my Flue Disc Three 21.Day In, Day Out 22.I Couldn't Sleep a Wink Last Night 23.Sentimental Journey 24.Somewhere Along the Way 25.When the World Was Young 26.These Foolish Things 27.You Go to My Head 28.Stardust 29.It's Funny to Everyone But Me 30.Why Was I Born


This is one of those albums that I have trouble reviewing because the style of music is such that I can take it or leave it. It’s essentially the same old-time music that he’s done on 2015’s Shadows in the Night and 2016’s Fallen Angels. The music is pleasant, and Dylan’s 70-year old voice fits the mood quite well. I’m just not one that can spot differences since, while this type of music is pleasant, the genre doesn’t often make it on many of my playlists.

On top of that, this is a 3-disc set (hence the title). That’s a lot of music, and I don’t really have the patience to listen to such an endeavor from start to finish. In fact, like Dylan’s last two albums, I don’t really listen to this thing much at all. There’s a few good songs to cry to while listening – good company for a broken heart, and depending on how familiar you are with the genre, some familiar tunes. The fact that Dylan keeps churning out these releases says that he’s found a love for this style of music, which is good for him. Fans who aren’t as enthusiastic can’t really complain. After all, there’s plenty of treasures in his back catalog, and he continues to release his ubiquitous “bootleg” collections every year or so.

Pleasant, but not really necessary.

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