World Gone Wrong (1993)

1. World Gone Wrong 2. Love Henry 3. Ragged & Dirty 4. Blood in My Eyes 5. Broke Down Engine 6. Stella 7. Stackolee 8. Two Soldiers 9. Jack-A-Roe 10.Lone Pilgrim


The second (and last) of Dylan's latter day "acoustic only" albums featuring Dylan, his guitar, and the occasional harmonica. In many ways this is a carbon copy of last year's Good As I Been To You, yet in many ways this album is actually superior. The songs are a little more introspective, have a little bit more feeling, are a little more melodious and resonate just a little bit better.

Also worth mentioning (for me, anyway) is that there are not as many recognizable tunes as the last record. Again, these are all somewhat older, traditional folk songs, but the only one that was immediately recognizable to me is Stack O Lee (or as many people know it, "Stagger Lee"). My favorite version of this song is the New Orleans soul-filled Lloyd Price edition, and you could easily see that this one is much different. Dylan adds just enough of his own character and personality to make this song his own, without damaging the reputation, and also making it damn near the best version that exists. Having said that, I wish I would have been familiar with more of these songs in their original format, because as great as these songs are, I might have appreciated them more had I seen how Dylan changed them in his own fashion.

Contrary to the album's title, this is not really a morbid, depressing, accusatory album of the state of affairs. It just so happened to be the title of one of the songs. The worse thing about this album is the fact that very few bought it or even have heard of it. With the oodles of Dylan compilations out there (many released after this album), this time period for was all but forgotten. A shame.

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