At Budokan: The Complete Concert (1998)

Disc One 1.Hello There 2.Come On, Come On 3.ELO Kiddies 4.Speak Now, or Forever Hold Your Peace 5.Big Eyes 6.Lookout 7.Downed 8.Can't Hold On 9.Oh Caroline 10.Surrender 11.Auf Weidersehen Disc Two 1.Need Your Love 2.High Roller 3.Southern Girls 4.I Want You To Want Me 5.California Man 6.Goodnight 7.Ain't That a Shame 8.Clock Strikes Ten


Five years earlier, Epic records released Budokan II as a companion piece to the original At Budokan. They added the rest of the tracks from the original show and also added three tracks from a show performed at the venue one year later. The release was made without the band's "permission" and for some reason, the guys were unhappy with the release.

So what we have here is the "official" concert - in the same running order and with very few overdubs. Purists will enjoy it, and it seems a good way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the shows. Personally, I had no problem with Budokan II as a companion piece, but there are those that differ. This package was done much nicer and with more care as well - the double disc had "media files" that you could watch videos on an older PC - a nice bonus. Of course, the show itself is fabulous, and the extra material only makes the listening experience more enjoyable. You just don't get the extra three tracks and, to be honest, I missed them.

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