The Essential Cheap Trick (2004)

Disc One 1.ELO Kiddies 2.Hot Love 3.He's A Whore 4.Mandocello (Live) 5.Clock Strikes Ten 6.Southern Girls 7.Downed 8.Hello There 9.Surrender 10.California Man 11.High Roller 12.Auf Weidersehen 13.I Want You To Want Me (Live) 14.Ain't That A Shame 15.Takin' Me Back 16.Dream Police 17.Voices 18.Gonna Raise Hell (Live) Disc 2 19.Way Of The World 20.Stop This Game 21.World's Greatest Lover 22.Everything Works If You Let It 23.She's Tight 24.If You Want My Love 25.I Can't Take It 26.Tonight It's You 27.This Time Around 28.The Flame 29.Had To Make You Mine 30.I Can't Understand It 31.Can't Stop Fallin' Into Love 32.Walk Away 33.Woke Up With A Monster 34.Hard To Tell (Live) 35.Say Goodbye 36.Scent Of A Woman


The best compilation available, by far, from Cheap Trick. Not surprisingly, this two disc set is broken down to where the first disc includes the first three years of the band's recording history, whereas the second disc includes the last twenty-six.

Unlike other compilations, this one features most of the band's well known hits along with some early fan favorites with no unnecessary "unreleased" tracks to bog down the experience. They also wisely swap in some live versions of songs that are much more powerful (among them are Mandocello featuring the Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan and Gonna Raise Hell from the same series of shows). They still seem resistant to include Don't Be Cruel. It's not here and it's a shameful omission (copyright issue, maybe?). The sin is a minor one.

This is the one release to have if you could only have one.

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