Greatest Hits (1991)

1.Magical Mystery Tour 2.Dream Police 3.Don't Be Cruel 4.Tonight It's You 5.She's Tight 6.I Want You To Want Me (Live) 7.If You Want My Love 8.Ain't That a Shame (Live) 9.Surrender 10.The Flame 11.I Can't Take It 12.Can't Stop Falling Into Love 13.Voices


Since they left (or were pushed from) Epic records, it was time to but out a "Best Of" package. For a band that never had a lot of hits, this is pretty good representation of all the hit singles that were, and all the hit singles that weren't. To be critical, one could argue that a lot of what's here aren't what the true fans really enjoy - but for those wanting a decent package of history, you can't argue with what is offered here.

Fortunately, they skip their worst albums All Shook Up and The Doctor which marked the beginning and the end of their "dry" period. Pretty much everything else is offered here. They include one new song, a cover of The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour. It could have been a good addition, but it's bogged down by over production.

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