Sex, America, Cheap Trick (1996)

Disc One 1.Hello There 2.ELO Kiddies 3.Hot Love 4.Oh, Candy 5.Mandocello 6.Lovin' Money 7.I Want You To Want Me (early version) 8.Southern Girls 9.So Good To See You 10.Down On The Bay 11.Please Mrs. Henry 12.Violins 13.Ballad Of T.V. Violence (Live) 14.You're All Talk (Live) 15.Fan Club Disc Two 16.Surrender 17.High Roller 18.On Top Of The World 19.Auf Weidersehen 20.I Want You To Want Me (Live) 21.Clock Strikes Ten (Live) 22.Dream Police 23.Way Of The World 24.Gonna Raise Hell 25.Voices 26.Stop This Game 27.Just Got Back 28.Baby Loves To Rock 29.Everything Works If You Let It 30.World's Greatest Lover (Demo) 31.Waitin' For The Man Disc Three 32.Day Tripper (Live) 33.World's Greatest Lover 34.I Need Love 35.I'm The Man 36.Born To Raise Hell 37.Ohm Sweet Ohm 38.She's Tight 39.Love's Got A Hold On Me 40.If You Want My Love (Alternate Version) 41.Lookin' Out For Number One 42.Don't Make Our Love A Crime (Demo Version) 43.All I Really Want 44.I Can't Take It 45.Twisted Heart 46.Invaders Of The Heart 47.Y.O.Y.O.Y. Disc Four 48.Tonight It's You 49.Cover Girl 50.This Time Around 51.A Place In France 52.Funk #9 53.Take Me To The Top 54.Money Is The Route Of All Fun 55.Fortune Cookie 56.You Want It 57.The Flame 58.Through The Night 59.Stop That Thief 60.I Know What I Want (Live) 61.Had To Make You Mine 62.I Can't Understand It 63.Can't Stop Falling Into Love 64.Come On Christmas


Five years after they terminated their relationship with Epic records, their old company decided to offer a comprehensive box set of the bands up-and-down career. As box sets go, this one is pretty much par for the course. The band never had a plethora of hits, so there's a lot of space to fill with songs that may or may not be a fan's favorites. Most of the hits are here (but it's missing Don't Be Cruel. Why?) and there are tons of unreleased extras.

It could be argued that there's a bit too much filler here, but whittling down this four CD collection to three maybe making too many drastic cuts. Not surprisingly, the earliest material (The set is sequential) on disc one and half of disc 2 is the best. The first disc is solely their first two albums with some nice rare unreleased songs done live. By the time they reach their 80's material at the middle of the second disc, the quality, unsurprisingly is seriously compromised. Since a lot of the music that was released wasn't that good, it shouldn't be to big of a surprise that the unreleased stuff is pretty awful as well. Particularly bad are Born to Raise Hell and I'm the Man. Two versions of World's Greatest Lover are two too many as well.

By the time we reach the "comeback" stage, things brighten up slightly and it's a little ironic that some of the unreleased material from this time frame sounds as good (or better) that what was released. Even with a lot of less-than-bright moments, the package will be valued by most hardcore fans.

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