Greatest Hits Volume II (1982)

1. Hotel California 2. Heartache Tonight 3. Seven Bridges Road 4. Victim of Love 5. The Sad Cafe 6. Life in the Fast Lane 7. I Can't Tell You Why 8. New Kid in Town 9. The Long Run 10.After the Thrill Has Gone


When they released their first greatest hits album back in 1976, there probably wasn't anyone that imagined that the guys would be done as a group four short years later. They had only released two albums since the last best-of collection, so when they put this one out to "finalize" things, the pickings were a bit slim.

Each of those two latter day albums had three hit songs a piece (pretty average for these guys, although quite an accomplishment for just about anyone else), but that only gives us six songs. So they add one more song a piece from each of those albums, then they added the minor hit Seven Bridges Road from their live album, and that still leaves them a track short. So they then go back and pick up After the Thrill is Gone from One of These Nights to round out the package.

So the album is a bit suspect. Even the blase artwork seems to indicate that there was not a lot of tender love and care that went into this. They did the best they could, though. And you can't complain that they didn't leave out any "hits" either.

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