The Elton John CD Review

The Muse (1999)

1.Driving Home
2.Driving to Universal
3.Driving to Jack's
4.Walk of Shame
5.Better Have a Gift
6.The Wrong Gift
7.The Aquarium
8.Are We Laughing
9.Take a Walk with Me
10.What Should I Do
11.Back to the Aquarium
12.Seven Redecorates
13.To the Guest House
14.To the Cookie Factory
15.Multiple Personality
16.Sarah Escapes
17.Back to Paramount
18.Meet Christine
19.The Muse
20.The Muse (remix)


Another one of Elton's experimental "side" projects. This time he writes the score to a soundtrack (as opposed to actual songs). He does exactly what he's required to do, but I can't really imagine anyone wanting to buy a CD such as this. Most songs are very short, and have such titles as Driving to Jack's, To the Guesthouse, Driving to Universal, etc. etc. It definitely is Elton on the piano, but who really cares?

It didn't help matters when the movie was pretty awful in itself (to be fair, I only made it through about 45 minutes), so it's not like this project is remotely close to anything memorable.

He does perform two actual songs here. Or two versions of the same song, that is. They're o.k. I guess. Back To Main Page
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