The Elton John CD Review

Victim Of Love (1979)

1.Johnny B.Goode
2.Warm Love in a Cold World
3.Born Bad
4.Thunder in the Night
6.Street Boogie
7.Victim of Love


Lock the doors and hide the children. This was nothing short of a disaster. In the heyday of Saturday Night Fever and Studio 54, classic rock had all but died. It seemed the only other alternative was the punk/new wave movement that was making itself known to the music circles. Out of the two options, the former seemed the better choice and...well, the less said the better.

After divorcing himself from everyone else on his last release, Elton divorces himself from himself on this record. None of the songs are original. Each side is composed of a stedy disco beat that allows each song to run into the next, supposedly so the listener doesn't have to stop dancing. The only known track is the opener Johnny B. Goode which put to disco music does nothing to compliment the original. This release is for the hard core collector only. Fortunately, it can be found in most bargain bins for around $1.00.

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