Greatest Hits (1988)

1. Rhiannon 2. Don't Stop 3. Go Your Own Way 4. Hold Me 5. Everywhere 6. Gypsy 7. You Make Loving Fun 8. As Long as You Follow 9. Dreams 10.Say You Love Me 11.Tusk 12.Little Lies 13.Sara 14.Big Love 15.Over My Head 16.No Questions Asked


Taken exclusively from the Buckingham-Nicks-McVie period from 1975-1988, this album serves as a great memento and souvenir from the time period. All of the big hits are here, and there were many. Also included are two new songs (surprised?), one by Nicks and one by McVie, and they both add to the overall quality of the album. It also, of course, made everyone who had all the original albums go out and buy this one.

There were a few minor hits during this time period that aren't here (Seven Wonders and Think About Me come to mind). Since they had about twelve more minutes of space on the CD, it almost makes you wonder why they didn't throw those on as well. Of course, then some would gripe that the album was too long....

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