Records (1982)

1. Cold as Ice 2. Double Vision 3. Head Games 4. Waiting for a Girl Like You 5. Feels Like the First Time 6. Urgent 7. Dirty White Boy 8. Jukebox Hero 9. Long, Long Way From Home 10.Hot Blooded


Let's face it, Foreigner has way way way way too many "best of" packages. Although this one is now basically obsolete, it's at least excusable since the band had plenty of hits by 1982 to warrant a hits collection. Later packages are better since they contain more material (the band still had a few good hits left in them).

Having said all this, I must confess that this package, even then, showed a few seams. Some of the songs have been slightly altered - Cold As Ice even features a string session. And the version of Hot Blooded here is a live version. That may have been kinda cool back in 1982, but it's now easy to see that the original should have been included instead (I believe the later, digital copies of the album put the original back, were it should have been).

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