Live Over Europe 2007 (2008)

Disc 1 1.Duke's Intro 2.Turn it on Again 3.No Son of Mine 4.Land of Confusion 5.In the Cage/The Cinema Show/Duke's Travels 6.Afterglow 7.Hold on my Heart 8.Home By the Sea 9.Follow You, Follow Me 10.Firth of Fifth 11.I Know What I Like
Disc 2 1.Mama 2.Ripples 3.Throwing it All Away 4.Domino 5.Conversations with Two Stools 6.Los Endos 7.Tonight Tonight Tonight 8.Invisible Touch 9.I Can't Dance 10.The Carpet Crawlers


Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford wisely decided to retire the band after attempting to go forward without Phil Collins on the failed Calling All Stations in 1997. Since then, the band had a brief "non musical" reunion (along with Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, John Silver and Ant Phillips) and actually rerecorded The Carpet Crawlers for their compilation Turn it On Again: The Hits, but they all left any future plans up in the air. Rumors, of course were bound to swirl and that is, in fact, what happened. When a reunion was finally agreed on, it was decided that the "trio" version of the lineup with Banks, Collins and Rutherford would embark on a 40 show tour across Europe and North America.

The tour was a huge success and the complete show is featured on this two disc compilation. As the title states, they focus on the Europe shows, pulling in the best performances from different concerts. This is the whole show minus any between song chatter. Even though Genesis has been overly generous with releasing live material from their history, this one is especially welcome since it is a complete performance, and also the fact that they sound so sharp. True, most of the material is tuned down a bit to lower keys to better accompany the aged vocals, but that is only noticed by the trained ear (most people couldn't care less anyway). They also bring along veterans Daryl Steurmer and Chester Thompson, the "unofficial" 4th and 5th members of the live band that have been intact since 1978.

Of course, with no new material, there are no "surprises" here either. Every song has been released in a live version at some point in the band's history, although a couple of the medleys have been slightly modified. This could have been the setlist for the last time the band played together in 1992. Fortunately, unlike the 1992 tour, the band digs a bit deeper into their archive to play more of their older material. Hardcore fans will want to also (or maybe "instead") pick up the DVD of the tour that was performed in Rome. The stage was truly incredible and made for a great concert to watch as well as listen.

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