The Way We Walk - Volume Two: The Longs)

1.Old Medley: Dance on a Volcano The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway The Musical Box Firth of Fifth I Know What I Like 2.Driving the Last Spike 3.Domino 4.Fading Lights 5.Home By The Sea/ Second Home By The Sea 6.Drum Duet


It came as a great pleasure to many faithful fans to see this release accompany the first live release that came out just a few months before. The band could have done several things when deciding to release live material from this period: They could a)put out a double CD forcing everyone to shell out a hefty price. b)put out a single CD and cut out masses of material which is customary done on live releases. c)release a single CD with nothing but hits and say "screw the diehard fans". Or d)put out two separate discs and give everyone involved a choice of what to purchase. It was a great justice that they chose the last option.

Genesis proved on previous live albums that they can do justice to their longer numbers on stage as they showed on such cuts as In The Cage and Supper's Ready and they don't come up short with repeating this trend here. There's nothing featured that was ever played on radio, but all the pieces, old and new, sound wonderful. Also included here is the Drum Duet with Collins and Chester Thompson that only adds value to the package.

On the most current tour (which all tracks here are taken from), the band basically played one Old Medley of old favorites that existed pre 1983. It's the strongest piece featured here, and whereas all the songs from it are also on Seconds Out, there's enough variety to feature them here again. The newer songs (i.e. all the rest) are welcome as well. The band pretty much featured the entire concert set on these two discs (they did leave off Dreaming While You Sleep and Turn It On Again) so you couldn't really say anything negative about the combined packages. There was also a live video released at this time that did have the complete concert in order as it was played. It was pleasing to be able to access the complete show and reminisce.

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