Three Sides Live (1982)

U.S. album release

compact disc release

1.Turn it on Again 2.Dodo 3.Abacab 4.Behind the Lines 5.Duchess 6.Me and Sarah Jane 7.Follow You, Follow Me 8.Misunderstanding 9.In the Cage (Medley:Cinema Show,Slippermen) 10.Afterglow 11.Paperlate * 12.You Might Recall* 13.Me and Virgil* 14.Evidence of Autumn* 15.Open Door* 11.One for the Vine # 12.Fountain of Salmacious # 13.It # 14 Watcher of the Skies # *U.S. album *compact disc


You would think with such a thing as the internet, you would be able to get a proper explanation as to why “Three Sides Live” was only “Three Sides Live” in the U.S., and actually “Four” sides live everywhere else. I certainly haven’t been able to find the answer. Fortunately, the CD pressing features the “four” side version

A new live album by this band is certainly welcomed at this point. It had been only been three studio albums since the last live album, so a new one wasn’t necessarily needed, but for fans such as myself, it’s certainly welcome. The bulk of this record features songs from the last two records, Duke and Abacab. The other key inclusion? The In the Cage medley. Ask a plethora of Genesis fans to list their favorite live song by this band of all time, and I’m willing to guess this track would win hands down. The medley would change from tour to tour. Here it also features snippets from The Cinema Show and The Colony of the Slippermen followed by the closer Afterglow. Now, on the U.S. version, the fourth side consisted of leftovers from the last few records. There all decent, but apart from You Might Recall, there’s nothing that particularly stands out. Since this side has now been lost to vinyl heaven, those who must have everything can find these tracks of latter day compilations.

The fourth live side is a much better inclusion, and one wishes that it had been available all along. The crowds sound a tad more sparse, so I’m guessing these songs are from an older tour. The fans are just as rabid, and the band is just as strong. I confess that I was never a big fan of the studio version of One for the Vine, but it sounds tons more energetic and powerful here, as does everything else.

Genesis was one of those bands that released most of their live songs on at least one live album or compilation. For me, that’s one of the best rewards possible. I would also have to say that of all their live albums, this release is probably my favorite. The four side version, that is.

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