The Best of Dark Horse (1976-1989) (1989)

1. Poor Little Girl 2. Blow Away 3. That's the Way it Goes 4. Cockamamie Business 5. Wake Up My Love 6. Life Itself 7. Got My Mind Set On You 8. Crackerbox Palace 9. Cloud Nine 10.Here Comes the Moon 11.Gone Troppo 12.When We Was Fab 13.Love Comes to Everyone 14.All Those Years Ago 15.Cheer Down


George's "greatest hits volume 2" released after he changed record labels to his own "Dark Horse" (hence the title) label. This collection works extremely well - even though it's missing his earliest, best work from 1971-1973. Fortunately, George includes the timeframe in the title of this album, so no one could claim "rip off". The record plays very nice considering he never really climbed back to the top until 1987's Cloud Nine. It includes three new songs that sounded as though they should have been on that album. Two are really good (Poor Little Girl and Cheer Down) while one, Cockamamie Business, is too long and repetitious. A minor sin, though.

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