Lennon Legend: The Very Best Of (1997)

1. Imagine 2. Instant Karma! 3. Mother 4. Jealous Guy 5. Power to the People 6. Cold Turkey 7. Love 8. Mind Games 9. Whatever Gets You Thru the Night 10.#9 Dream 11.Stand By Me 12.(Just Like) Starting Over 13.Woman 14.Beautful Boy (Darling Boy) 15.Watching the Wheels 16.Nobody Told Me 17.Borrowed Time 18.Working Class Hero 19.Happy Xmas(War is Over) 20.Give Peace a Chance


It can get very confusing after a superstar dies, with all the posthumous recordings that seem to suddenly appear and reappear decades after the artist is gone. In most cases, you have to wonder if these recordings are simply ways to exploit the consumer and add to the coffers of the artist's estate and/or the respective record labels.

Safe to say that if you want a "best of" by John Lennon that is limited to one CD, this is the best of the best. And it is incredible. Lennon's solo work really only a demands a "one" cd compilation anyway. Not that he lacked talent (although he did have some curious lapses of quality), but because he simply didn't record that much after the breakup of The Beatles. A lot of "singles" are here as well that were never featured on the full length albums.

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