Shaved Fish (1975)

1. Give Peace a Chance 2. Cold Turkey 3. Instant Karma! 4. Power to the People 5. Mother 6. Woman is the Ni**er of the world 7. Imagine 8. Whatever Gets You Thru the Night 9. Mind Games 10.#9 Dream 11.Medley:Happy Xmas(War is Over)/ Give Peace a Chance (Reprise)


His "greatest hits" album came out in 1975 when he probably thought he would never record again. Sadly, this was almost true - although, as we all know, not his intention. So most of the good stuff except the songs from 1980's Double Fantasy are included here. With the exception of Woman is the N****r of the World, it's a good collection, but latter ones are far more superior.

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