Chestnut Street Incident (1976)

1. American Dream 2. Pretty Woman 3. Jailhouse Rock 4. Dream Killing Town 5. Supergirl 6. Chestnut Street 7. Good Girls 8. Do You Believe in Magic 9. Twentieth Century Fox 10.Chestnut Street Revisited 11.Sad Lady


John Mellencamp definitely has had a very interesting career. He would personally like everyone to forget his first several years. There's good reason. To be completely fair, "John Cougar" (his initial stage name. "Mellencamp" just wasn't hip enough) was very unfairly exploited in his early career - as if there was ever a thing as being "fairly exploited". Anyway, long story short, some big shot music manager thought this kid looked pretty good and sang pretty good, and so a lot of contracts were signed. The thing is, this didn't happen in New York or Los Angeles, but in Seymour, Indiana. So Johnny Cougar quickly became a "star" in his small town and the surrounding communities.

This was his first album, and it's well.....bad. Very bad. The covers are predictable and not very earth shattering and the original songs don't have anything going for them either. It's really hard to blame him for this unfortunate record, though. He was a young man trying to make it, and he made some mistakes. No matter how good a kid is in Rookie-A Baseball, he's going to need some seasoning before he makes the Major Leagues. Mellencamp had a while to go. Even though this album is horrible, you can't really blame the guy. As a matter of fact, you end up feeling sorry for him.

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