The Best That I Could Do 1978-1988 (1997)

1. I Need a Lover 2. Ain't Even Done With the Night 3. Hurts So Good 4. Jack and Diane 5. Crumblin' Down 6. Pink Houses 7. The Authority Song 8. Lonely Ol' Night 9. Small Town 10.R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A. 11.Paper in Fire 12.Cherry Bomb 13.Check it Out 14.Without Expression


I remember reading the linear notes on this disc. Mellencamp was grumbling about something to the effect of refusing to call this a "greatest hits" album, because he didn't think the songs were necessarily "great" but the "best that he could do". Whatever. The CD is great. If your a fan, that is. This captures easily his most popular period during the above mentioned timeframe into one nice disc. There would be other compilations, and there would be more great music (although none as well known), but this one would be for the frugal consumer that doesn't have the bucks to buy multiple disc compilations.

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