Dream After Dream (1980)

1. Destiny 2. Snow Theme 3. Sand Castles 4. A Few Coins 5. Moon Theme 6. When Love Has Gone 7. Festival Dance 8. The Rape 9. Little Girl


I'm not really sure of the history on this one, but somehow the band got involved in this "soundtrack" that was for (I guess) a Japanese movie and the CD was only released in Japan. Diehards not worry - this really isn't anything that you need to get your hands on. This is really only a Journey release in the loosest sense. This is mostly, dreamy instrumental new age music. It is pleasant, but I can't really imagine a Journey fan really wanting to listen, let alone own this album.

Yes, that's definitely Steve Perry singing, so I can only assume everyone else in the band was involved. They hadn't quite broken through in popularity yet, so maybe this seemed as a viable project. The best, well really, the only song on here that merits attention is the closing song Little Girl which showed up on the box set Time3. If you have the box set (or even if you don't), this release really isn't necessary, and one wishes it didn't even fall into the band's catalog.

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