Greatest Hits (1988)

1. Only the Young 2. Don't Stop Believin' 3. Wheel in the Sky 4. Faithfully 5. I'll Be Alright Without You 6. Any Way You Want It 7. Ask the Lonely 8. Who's Crying Now 9. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) 10.Lights 11.Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' 12.Open Arms 13.Girl Can't Help It 14.Send Her My Love 15.Be Good To Yourself 16.When You Love a Woman * *included on the 2006 reissue


Basically flawless. Not surprisingly, there's nothing pre Steve Perry, but there shouldn't be. These guys had just enough success in the decade they were together to put out one, strong, retrospective, and this album fits the bill. This album would continue to be a strong "catalog" seller, since no one ever really got tired of this band, and their music would always be timeless. (NOTE: In 2006, the album was reissued with the one hit song released after this compilation first came out, When You Love a Woman, from the otherwise lackluster Trial By Fire.

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