Led Zeppelin Box Set 2 (1993)

Disc One 1. Good Times Bad Times 2. We're Gonna Groove 3. Night Flight 4. That's The Way 5. Baby Come On Home 6. The Lemon Song 7. You Shook Me 8. Boogie with Stu 9. Bron-Yr-Aur 10. Down By the Seaside 11. Out on the Tiles 12. Black Mountain Side 13. Moby Dick 14. Sick Again 15. Hot Dog 16. Carouselambra Disc Two 1. Southbound Saurez 2. Walter's Walk 3. Darlene 4. Black Country Woman 5. How Many More Times 6. The Rover 7. Four Sticks 8. Hats of to (Roy) Harper 9. I Can't Quit You Baby 10. Hots on for Nowhere 11. Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman) 12. Royal Orleans 13. Bonzo's Montreaux 14. The Crunge 15. Bring it on Home 16. Tea for One


Every song that didn't make the cut on the 1990 Box Set is here on a 2 CD collection. Obviously the songs aren't as well known nor as strong. Fortunately, most everything Led Zeppelin did was great, so there's plenty to love here. On it's own it may seem a weird collection, but when one sees the purpose it makes perfect sense.

There's one unreleased song here - Baby Come On Home. It doesn't really do that much.

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