Celebration Day (2012)

Disc One 1. Good Times Bad Times 2. Ramble On 3. Black Dog 4. In My Time of Dying 5. For Your Life 6. Trampled Underfoot 7. Nobody's Fault But Mine 8. No Quarter Disc Two 1. Since I've Been Loving You 2. Dazed and Confused 3. Stairway to Heaven 4. The Song Remains the Same 5. Misty Mountain Hop 6. Kashmir 7. Whole Lotta Love 8. Rock and Roll


A one-off reunion paying tribute to Atlantic Records guru Ahmet Ertegun. The three surviving members join with Jason Bonham, the son of John Bonham, who had been playing professionally for many years. As far as the set list goes, it's damn near perfect. A lot of well known songs and, unlike their 70s hey-day, no songs longer than 12 minutes. Plant's voiced has aged a bit. He's lost a lot of his high register, but that's to be expected. Jason doesn't sound as good as his dad, but it's a realistic expectation to believe that, had John lived, he may have lost a bit as well.

The sound quality is lacking a bit. Listen to this thing directly before or after How The West Was Won and you'll definitely hear a difference. I'm not sure why. Should a live album recorded 40 years later sound better? With the band getting older and older and no plans for any sort of reunion, this will probably be the last we ever hear from them as a group. I doubt anyone really cares, but the song Celebration Day is not featured here.

Not a bad way to say goodbye, really.

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