All the Best (1987)

1. Band on the Run 2. Jet 3. Ebony and Ivory 4. Listen to What the Man Said 5. No More Lonely Nights 6. Silly Love Songs 7. Let 'Em In 8. Say Say Say 9. Live and Let Day 10.Another Day 11.C Moon 12.Junior's Farm 13.Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey 14.Coming Up 15.Goodnight Tonight 16.With a Little Luck 17.My Love


A compact disc (i.e. "extension") version of Paul's greatest hits - both with Wings and as a solo artist. Different versions exist depending on which side of the Atlantic you bought the disc. That sort of makes sense since he would have success with some songs only on one side of the globe (for example Mull of Kintyre was a smash, number one single in England, but never even cracked the charts in America - so it's not on this, the American version).

Everything that should be here is - at least when you look at time constraints. He could easily fill up two discs with memorable material (which he would sort of do several years later), but from a consumer's perspective - this makes great sense.

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