Memory Almost Full (2007)

1. Dance Tonight 2. Ever Present Past 3. See Your Sunshine 4. Only Mama Knows 5. You Tell Me 6. Mr. Bellamy 7. Gratitude 8. Vintage Clothes 9. That Was Me 10.Feet in the Clouds 11.House of Wax 12.The End of the End 13.Nod Your Head


This is probably one of the "happiest" albums in McCartney's collection. Heck, this is just about the happiest album I've heard by anyone. This is probably the closest thing to a "concept" album that McCartney has ever attempted. It seems to send the message that says, "I'm 65 years old, and I've had a great life". Such a joy to see someone that could be collecting social security be so energetic and filled with joy and enthusiasm.

Musically, this one is a bit "all over the place", but the themes and messages are of pure happiness. A bit odd since Mac had just been through a nasty divorce with his second wife. We just weren't used to seeing Paul having marital problems after the many decades of bliss with first wife Linda. He even reflects on the divorce on this album (Gratitude), and as you would expect,he croons that he's thankful that this particular woman came into his life.

In many cases this could be viewed as a "get up and dance" album - that sentiment is not only reserved to the lead off, most memorable tune, Dance Tonight. Other songs such as Ever Present Past, Only Mama Knows and Nod Your Head are all a bit of the same vein. He gets nostalgic throughout the whole album, with songs such as Vintage Clothes and That Was Me that seem a bit of an homage to his younger days in the wild decade of the sixties.

What's really missing from the album is a really good love ballad. With everything he went through in the recent past, it's not surprising that there's none here. Curiously, it's not really missed - it just seems strange not to have one on a McCartney album. The happiest (and saddest) song here would probably be The End of the End, in which he acknowledges his mortality and invites people to celebrate his life once he's gone from this life and moves onto the next state of being.

Say what you want about this guy. Critics moaned he was always too happy. I guess some critics think rock 'n' roll needs to be filled with misery and pissed off attitudes. I'm glad that's not true about so many, and I'm glad that McCartney was such a positive role model for other musicians and fans alike.

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