Pure McCartney (2016)

(4 CD version) Disc One 1. Maybe I’m Amazed 2. Heart of the Country 3. Jet 4. Warm and Beautiful 5. Listen to What the Man Said 6. Dear Boy 7. Silly Love Songs 8. The Song We Were Singing 9. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey 10. Early Days 11. Big Barn Bed 12. Another Day 13. Flaming Pie 14. Jenny Wren 15. Too Many People 16. Let Me Roll It 17. New Disc Two 1. Live and Let Die 2. English Tea 3. Mull of Kintyre 4. Save Us 5. My Love 6. Bip Bop 7. Let ‘Em In 8. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five 9. Calico Skies 10. Hi, Hi, Hi 11. Waterfalls 12. Band on the Run 13. Appreciate 14. Sing the Changes 15. Arrow Through Me 16. Every Night 17. Junior’s Farm 18. Mrs. Vandebilt Disc Three 1. Say, Say, Say 2. My Valentine 3. Pipes of Peace 4. The World Tonight 5. Souvenir 6. Dance Tonight 7. Ebony and Ivory 8. Fine Line 9. Here Today 10. Press 11. Wanderlust 12. Winedark Open Sea 13. Beautiful Night 14. Girlfriend 15. Queenie Eye 16. We All Stand Together Disc Four 1. Coming Up 2. Too Much Rain 3. Good Times Coming/Feel the Sun 4. Goodnight Tonight 5. Baby’s Request 6. With a Little Luck 7. Little Willow 8. Only Mama Knows 9. Don’t Let It Bring You Down 10. The Back Seat of My Car 11. No More Lonely Nights 12. Great Day 13. Venus and Mars/Rock Show 14. Temporary Secretary 15. Hope for the Future 16. Junk


As good as this set is, and it is very good, I can’t help but feel a bit pissed off. Now, let me explain. I’m a completest. Whenever I write music reviews, for example, I only review artists if I have access to all of their material. You won’t ever convince me, for example, that you’re a “huge” fan of The Rolling Stones if you’ve only heard 10-12 of their songs. Nope. That doesn’t do it for me. If you’re a fan, a real fan, you have to know it all – or at least most of it. I know. I’m weird. I’m different. But that’s how I am.

So what does this OCD-ish tendency have to do with this collection, you ask? Well, this is a mammoth, 67 song collection spanning Paul McCartney’s entire career. You could argue that such a hefty compilation really isn’t necessary. No, it’s not necessary, but it’s welcome. 95% of what is here is great. My problem is not the other 5% (why he includes the awful Temporary Secretary or that stupid song about the frog, I’ll never know), but the fact that he totally ignores two of his better known albums. There is nothing here from 1989’s Flowers in the Dirt or 2001’s Driving Rain. Why??? I ask again, why??? These were very good albums that are completely ignored. For me, this is a huge injustice.

I wouldn’t have cared if this was a 30 song collection, but you release a 67 song collection and you ignore these albums?? This grates on my nerves. It’s not as if he “ran out of room” either. There’s plenty of room on each of these four discs to add a few more songs. Plus, there are a few albums here that have four or five songs represented here. Yes, Flaming Pie and New were very good latter day albums, but the ratio is completely unacceptable to me.

Listening to this collection reminds me of walking into a beautiful house where you see a wall filled with beautiful pictures, yet one of those pictures is obviously crooked. Looking at the wall is incredibly uncomfortable – as you have this huge desire to walk over to the picture and gently straighten the picture. That’s what this collection is like. Well, since it is 2016, nobody is forcing me to buy the actual physical CD collection, and I can very easily make a playlist and add a few songs – effectively straightening the crooked picture.

Otherwise – good collection of great songs.

Thanks for letting me rant.

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