Strawberries Oceans Ships Forests (1993) (The Fireman)

No Stars

1. Transpiritual Stomp 2. Trans Lunar Rising 3. Transcrystaline 4. Pure Trance 5. Arizona Light 6. Celtic Stomp 7. Strawberries Oceans Ships Forrest 8. 444 9. Sunrise Mix


A tremendous waste of time, energy, and compact disc space. What he was thinking about here is beyond my level of comprehension. The only reason that I'm even including this "The Fireman" release (i.e. it was not released under the name "Paul McCartney"), is because he actually did release a very respectable album under this name several years later. This is actually a collaboration with somebody called "Youth" and is nothing more than people banging on synthesizers. None of these "songs" are distinguishable from one and other. You really couldn't even call these "songs". I wouldn't even recommend one trying to listen to this one. Just believe me and skip it. You'll be glad that I saved you 75 minutes of your life.

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