Tarzan - Soundtrack (1999)

1. Two Worlds * 2. You'll Be in My Heart * 3. Son of Man * 4. Trashin' the Camp 5. Strangers Like Me 6. Two Worlds (Reprise) * 7. Trashin' the Camp * 8. You'll Be in My Heart * 9. Two Worlds * 10. A Wonderous Place 11. Moves Like an Ape, Looks Like a Man 12. The Gorillas 13. One Family 14. Two Worlds (Finale) * * Performed by Phil Collins


Several years prior to this release, the folks at Walt Disney rightfully realized that by adding a well known musical personality to perform tracks of its current animated new release, they could greatly enhance the sales potential of the film. Example - Elton John's performance on "The Lion King". Success would vary from picture to picture, and for all those involved, this particular Disney film came of quite well. Who more perfect for Tarzan of the Jungle than Phil Collins? What was more pleasant is that although Collins had been in a retail slump, he licks this one quite well.

Looking at the track list can be a bit confusing. As in most movies, there are many songs by the artist and many that serve as the score for the film. With a Disney release, you have duplicate songs since the characters in the movie usually have a turn at singing many of the tunes featured by the prime artist (notice - four versions of Two Worlds). Having said that, there are actually five originals in all by Collins - not bad for a Disney release and he handles them all quite well.

With a tribal-like jungle atmosphere, percussion is abound on tracks such as Son of Man and the N-sync duet instrumental of Trashin' the Camp. The aft mentioned Two Worlds is a perfect "main" song that does tend to tire after repeated listens. You'll Be in My Heart is the perfect love song that seems is an obligation for all Disney films yet it serves as one of Phil's all time bests. Not an easy achievement.

The movie was one of the better latter day Disney films, and watching the film gives Phil "exposure" to younger listeners. A great choice for a great movie with great results. Collins could still perform great music.

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