A Collection of Great Dance Songs (1981)

1. One of These Days 2. Money 3. Sheep 4. Shine on You Crazy Diamond 5. Wish You Were Here 6. Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)


I guess, at least in the eyes of record executives, every artist needs to have, at some point a "greatest hits" album. That's what this tries to be. I imagine the band didn't want it. Perhaps the irony of the title? (Pink Floyd never had anything closely resembling a "dance song".) Because of the length of most of the band's material, only six songs are featured - and many of them are heavily edited. To be fair, I'm not sure if I could pick a better set than what's featured here (you have to keep it at single album length, remember), so it's a fair snapshot of what made them special in the last decade. I guess this would be o.k. if you could only buy one Pink Floyd album, though, there are still a lot of better choices.

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