HitnRun: 4Ever (2016)

Disc One 1. 1999 2. Little Red Corvette 3. When Doves Cry 4. Let's Go Crazy 5. Raspberry Beret 6. I Wanna Be Your Lover 7. Soft and Wet 8. Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad 9. Uptown 10. When You Were Mine 11.Head 12.Gotta Stop (Messin' About) 13.Controversy 14.Let's Work 15.Delirious 16.I Would Die 4 U 17.Take Me With U 18.Paisley Park 19.Pop Life 20.Purple Rain Disc Two 1. Kiss 2. Sign o' the Times 3. Alphabet St. 4. Batdance 5. Thieves in the Temple 6. Cream 7. Mountains 8. Girls & Boys 9. If I Was Your Girlfriend 10.U Got the Look 11.I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man 12.Glamslam 13.Moonbeam Levels 14.Diamonds and Pearls 15.Gett Off 16.Sexy M.F. 17.My Name is Prince 18.7 19.Peach 20.Nothing Compares 2 U


The first of, what I’m sure will be, many posthumous “hits” collections. A double CD packed with hits and strong cuts. Like his other Greatest Hits packages, this one is limited to his tenure at Warner Brothers, so there isn’t anything here post 1992. Not that this really matters. Most of the hits stopped after that point anyways. Still, there were some great things that the man released later in his career that many may not have heard of, and a collection such as this could have at least exposed the listener to some samples. Oh well, that’s how the business goes.

What I found slightly unsettling is that many of the songs, especially the early hits, are represented here in an edited format. Maybe this is how they were when they were played on the radio, but it feels slightly constrained to hear so many chopped up songs that seemed to be much longer on the actual album.

There’s one unreleased song, Moonbeam Levels, and one that only was released as a single, Gotta Stop (Messin’ About). Both are o.k., but I’m not sure they’re up to par with the other material here. No, this album isn’t any better than the few other “best of” packages already out there, but it serves as a find compilation of 2 ½ hours’ worth of music that endeared the man to so many.

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