Girl 6 (Soundtrack) (1996)

1. She Spoke 2 Me 2. Pink Cashmere 3. Count the Days 4. Girls & Boys 5. The Screams of Passion 6. Nasty Girl 7. Erotic City 8. Hot Thing 9. Adore 10.The Cross 11.How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore? 12.Don't Talk 2 Strangers 13.Girl 6


A soundtrack to a Spike Lee movie. I never saw it. The plot had something to do with a phone sex operator. With such a story like this, you can just imagine how the music of Prince would probably make an ideal fit. There are a few new Prince songs, a couple of songs by other artists, and a host of older Prince songs – some only released as B-sides.

Of the old songs, none were ever hits, so a casual fan might not be familiar with such tracks. Fortunately, all of the older songs are top notch. There are three songs from his masterpiece Sign ‘O’ The Times and a couple of very strong cuts that were never included on a full length album. I still can’t figure out why he left the masterpiece Erotic City off of the Purple Rain album. Fortunately, it’s here – just in case you can’t find it anywhere else in these latter days.

Of the three new Prince songs featured here, two are incredibly pleasant if not somewhat unspectacular. Both She Spoke 2 Me and Don’t Talk 2 Strangers are very radio friendly and catchy – with no overtones of phone sex. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said from the closing track, the title cut Girl 6. It’s a bit of a muddled mix complete with samples of earlier Prince songs accompanied by an annoying, shrieking phone ringing every few seconds. It’s the biggest sin here.

Like much of his 1990’s material, this one went by mostly unnoticed. It didn’t help when this was one of three albums he released during the year 1996. And one of those releases was a triple disc set of new material.

Although it seems inconsequential due to a lackluster movie in which it supported, this is actually quite a good piece of music. It probably deserved a bit better than what it received. Although what it received, I have no idea. I honestly have no recollection of ever seeing this one, or hearing about it, when it came out.

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