MPLSound (2009)

1. (There'll Never B) Another Like Me 2. Chocolate Box 3. Dance 4 Me 4. U're Gonna C Me 5. Here 6. Valentina 7. Better With Time 8. Ol' Skool Company 9. No More Candy 4 U


Released on the same day, and with the “companion” CD Lotusflow3r. To my knowledge, this might be a first. Oh, sure, artists have released multiple CDs on the same day before, but to my knowledge, it’s always been separate packages. If the cds were released together, they would generally be under one title, and compiled as a double (or triple) CD. Prince, himself, has done this many times.

Whatever the reason, it seems a bit legit since these two CDs are quite diverse. Whereas Lotusflow3r was much more experimental, and featured Prince trying out bizarre styles and sounds with his guitar, this one is much more in alignment with what most people would expect from Prince. Lots of dance numbers, a few slow ballads, and all with a very heavy R&B tint.

The songs here are very good. They’re a bit straightforward, with very little or no weirdness nor overt sexuality. In other words, a safe CD for all family members. He even manages to be quite humorous at times. Truth be told (and I’ve said this on other reviews of the man’s music), he sounds as though he’s simply “checking of the box” somewhat in the studio. This album is lacking some of the nuances that made his earlier work great. He has the formula here, it just sounds like much of the music didn’t receive quite the attention as the earlier work. With some artists, such a tactic would be a heavy sin, but Prince has the magic to still make quite a pleasurable record.

Not everything here is pristine. There are a couple of instances where the songs don’t sound as good as their counterparts, but those songs are never bad nor mediocre. Mostly, though, fans should be overtly pleased. Truth be told, though, his fans weren’t buying his music in the same capacity as they were a few decades ago. It didn’t help that this thing was a “Target” exclusive. At least initially. I really can’t keep up with all of the tactics he used when it came to distributing his product.

A solid CD that one can’t help but feel a bit saddened that many are not very familiar.

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