N.E.W.S. (2003)

1. North 2. East 3. West 4. South


One of his experimental projects. The album title is an acronym for the four songs on the record - North, East, West, and South. Each track is exactly 14 minutes long. Each track is an instrumental. Each track is heavy on jazz influence.

The album isn’t particularly bad, but it really isn’t very interesting either. I can’t imagine many of his fans really giving a rip for this one. You do hear his trademark guitar from time to time, but unless you’re a diehard jazz fan, there’s no compelling reason to own such a record. Fortunately, the man himself didn’t much care about success at this point, and it was quite clear that those that made the record were quite honest and didn’t try to pass this thing off on the unsuspecting public as some sort of ‘masterpiece’. No, it is what is.

Irrelevant to most.

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