Classic Queen (1992)

1. A Kind of Magic 2. Bohemian Rhapsody 3. Under Pressure 4. Hammer to Fall 5. Stone Cold Crazy 6. One Year of Love 7. Radio Ga Ga 8. I'm Going Slightly Mad 9. I Want it All 10.Tie Your Mother Down 11.The Miracle 12.These Are the Days of Our Lives 13.One Vision 14.Keep Yourself Alive 15.Headlong 16.Who Wants to Live Forever 17.The Show Must Go On


It's very very easy for a fan to get hopelessly lost when artists release, and re-release many different versions of their "greatest hits" under various names and formats. For the most part, I can stay a bit ahead of the game, but in the case of Queen, I must admit I'm completely lost. Not surprisingly, there were a lot of "best of" packages that would only get released on one or the other sides of the Atlantic. This probably had something to do with the fact that, for some strange reason, Queen ceased being that popular in the U.S.A. around 1982. There was a Greatest Hits album by Queen released around that year, and it was a great compilation. For whatever reason, that album went out of print several years later, and I still don't know the story behind it. Probably something about changing record companies or something. Well, then, to make things more complicated a "volume 2" was released shortly after Freddie Mercury's death, and that one never saw release in the states either (at least not for many, may years). So if you were a Queen fan, but not a collector, these albums were hard to come by.

Fortunately around 1992, this did get resolved, although people were still confused. First came this release with the moniker "Classic". For whatever reason, most of what is here is post 1982. Not really a bad thing, but it makes you wonder why they couldn't just replicate another volume 1 and volume 2. Of the 17 songs here, only 5 are pre 1982, and 3 of those 5 were on that original Greatest Hits album that I referred to earlier. So, without making that much of a big deal, this in many ways represents the best "volume 2" that's out there. Tracks from their last 4 studio albums are predominately featured, and they definitely are the best of the best that Queen had to offer during this time.

Since most fans in the states may not be familiar with most of what is here, this makes an excellent addition to the catalog if you stopped listening to them, as many did, around 1980. A weird one, but it works. It helped when a new Greatest Hits album was released only a few months later with most of what was on that original album anyway. It's your best bet if you just stay with these two packages if you only want the best.

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