Live Killers (1979)

Disc One 1. We Will Rock You 2. Let Me Entertain You 3. Death on Two Legs 4. Killer Queen 5. Bicycle Race 6. I'm In Love With My Car 7. Get Down, Make Love 8. You're My Best Friend 9. Now I'm Here 10.Dreamer's Ball 11.Love of My Life 12. '39 13.Keep Yourself Alive Disc Two 1. Don't Stop Me Now 2. Spread Your Wings 3. Brighton Rock 4. Bohemian Rhapsody 5. Tie Your Mother Down 6. Sheer Heart Attack 7. We Will Rock You 8. We Are the Champions 9. God Save the Queen


This seemed the perfect time for Queen to release a live record. The first six years in their career saw the release of seven studio albums - all respectable, some incredible. Wisely they go for a double album, and it's packed with ninety minutes of what was obviously an incredible concert by an incredible band.

Most everything is here that should be, and there are no obnoxious covers of other people's material - a good thing since it's obviously not needed. It's from a few different shows, but you would think you were listening to one show from start to finish. This is what I think a live record should be, and Queen delivers in a big, big way. They would one day release a live album from every tour following this one after Freddie Mercury died - but that always seemed as a way to cash in on the name as opposed to being sincere. Perhaps this is why this one is my favorite....

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