Greatest Hits Volume 3 (1999)

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1. The Show Must Go On 2. Under Pressure (rah mix) 3. Barcelona 4. Too Much Love Will Kill You 5. Somebody to Love 6. You Don't Fool Me 7. Heaven for Everyone 8. Las Palabras de Amor (The Words of Love) 9. Driven by You 10.Living on My Own 11.Let Me Live 12.The Great Pretender 13.Princes of the Universe 14.Another One Bites the Dust 15.Not Only You (Only the Good Die Young) 16.These are the days of Our Lives 17.Thank God It's Christmas


I am not reviewing this album by the quality of the material, but rather by the title of this compilation itself. This is labeled as a greatest hits package, a "volume 3", and it is absolutely nothing of the sort. This is basically a compilation of rarities, alternate takes, unreleased songs, and material scrapped together after Freddie Mercury's death. Had this been called something like "Rarities", then I may have been a bit more kind, but this is, plain and simple, a rip off.

I don't know who is at fault here. The tendency is to always blame the big wigs at the record label, but I'll reserve my judgement for "whomever is at fault". It didn't help matters any when the original greatest hits albums that this band put out were simply too confusing in and of themselves since there were so many different releases and versions. Many of these packages were only available one one side of the globe, so many out of prints and re-releases were out there, and it actually made your head spin. This travesty didn't help any. Shame on you Queen (or whomever). Shame on you.

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