A Decade of Rock and Roll 1970-1980 (1980)

Disc One 1. Sophisticated Lady 2. Music Man 3. Golden Country 4. Son of a Poor Man 5. Lost in a Dream 6. Reelin' 7. Keep Pushin' 8. (I Believe) Our Time is Gonna Come 9. Breakaway 9. Lightning Disc Two 1. Like You Do 2. Flying Turkey Trot 3. 157 Riverside Avenue 4. Ridin' the Storm Out 5. Roll with the Changes 6. Time for Me to Fly 7. Say You Love Me or Say Goodnight 8. Only the Strong Survive 9. Back on the Road Again


This double album compilation was actually released at a good time, since the guys were about to take over the world for a time the following year. A good time because this record serves as a good compilation of "everything else the band did" before they made it big. Not surprisingly, one of the four sides is dedicated to their last two (strongest) albums, and side 3 of the album (the first 4 tracks on Disc Two) features the band in a live setting, which was really their main strength back then.

The first album in the set, from their earliest period, isn't as well known, nor does the music have the same appeal, but it's a fair snapshot of their history, and not surprisingly, is heavy on the Kevin Cronin periods (there were two). Most of the band's future compilations would ignore the earliest periods of the band's history, and that's o.k. for the most part, but at the time, this was a good way to have have a good representation of the first nine albums in a two record set. It should also be noted that about 90% of what is here is also on the 2004 retrospective The Essential REO Speedwagon so that one probably is a better bang for the buck.

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