Lost in a Dream (1974)

1. Give Me a Ride (Roller Coaster) 2. Throw the Chains Away 3. Sky Blues 4. You Can Fly 5. Lost in a Dream 6. Down By the Dam 7. Do Your Best 8. Wild as the Western Wind 9. They're on the Road 10.I'm Feeling Good


The key word here is "lost". I really hate giving albums by bands I like such a low rating, and I usually feel a bit bad when I know the artist was at least trying. I'm sure the guys were doing their best here, and maybe the record met their expectations and the expectations of those around them. I just really can't stand this album.

Just take a look at the front cover and you'll see what kind of music will be on the inside. No, their early albums never sounded anything like their classic period, but there were times when you could hear Neal Doughty's signature boogie-woogie piano in a solo, or some nice wailin' riffs by guitarist Gary Richrath, but none of that is here at all. They're trying to hard to play straight-ahead.....well.....rock and roll, I guess. At least what you could call rock and roll in the early seventies. Nothing personal against the guy, but Michael Murphy just sounds too one dimensional for this band. Although the apologist in me claims he was just recruited to do exactly what he delivers.

The whole album teeters between boring and awful. They sound like they're desperately trying to rip off Ridin' the Storm Out from the last record with a carbon copy here called Down By the Dam. Differences are minimal, and I always thought the original was over rated anyway.

Not surprisingly, this record was out of print for a very long time. Undoubtedly the band's worst.

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