The Essential R.E.O. Speedwagon (2004)

Disc One 1. Sophisticated Lady 2. Music Man 3. Golden Country 4. Son of a Poor Man 5. Lost in a Dream 6. Keep Pushin' 7. (I Believe) Our Time is Gonna Come 8. Lightning 9. Like You Do 10.Flying Turkey Trot 11.157 Riverside Avenue 12.Ridin' the Storm Out 13.Roll With the Changes 14.Time For Me To Fly 15.Say You Love Me or Say Goodnight Disc Two 1. Back on the Road Again 2. Only the Strong Survive 3. Don't Let Him Go 4. Keep on Loving You 5. In Your Letter 6. Take it on the Run 7. Keep the Fire Burnin' 8. The Key 9. One Lonely Night 10.Live Every Moment 11.Can't Fight This Feeling 12.That Ain't Love 13.In My Dreams 14.Variety Tonight 15.Here With Me 16.Love is a Rock 17.Building the Bridge 18.Just for You


Quite possibly the only REO Speedwagon disc set you'll ever need. Usually when a band puts out a latter day compilation such as this, they manage to botch it badly by missing the occasional hit or two (take this band's package Hits that manages to not include anything from Good Trouble as an example.) But on this two disc retrospective, it's essentially flawless. Not to mention that just about everything from their first ever compilation A Decade of Rock and Roll is here, which was great because even though there were never really any hits from that decade, it served as a strong sampling of the groups early work.

The second disc here has just about all the latter day hits you could possibly want. Good job.

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