The Hits (1988)

1. I Don't Want to Lose You 2. Here With Me 3. Roll With the Changes 4. Keep on Loving You 5. That Ain't Love 6. Take it on the Run 7. In My Dreams 8. Don't Let Him Go 9. Can't Fight This Feeling 10.Keep Pushin' 11.Time For Me to Fly 12.One Lonely Night 13.Back of the Road Again 14.Ridin' the Storm Out


The best single disc compilation that this band has to offer. Although no one knew at the time, the "hits" at this point would come no more. New material would be scarce from this point on, and they were pretty much regulated to a nostalgic act in future years, so this record has everything you need.

Strangely, nothing from 1982's Good Trouble is here, not even the top ten hit Keep the Fire Burnin'. It's not really missed though, and I always thought it sounded awfully similar to Roll With the Changes which is here.

Two new songs are also included. Sadly, they don't add much.

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