The Ballads (1999)

1. Just For You 2. Time For Me To Fly 3. Keep On Loving You 4. Can't Fight This Feeling 5. Take it on the Run 6. 'Til the River Runs Dry 7. In My Dreams 8. Here With Me 9. Building the Bridge 10.One Lonely Night 11.The Heart Survives 12.After Tonight 13.I Wish You Were There


Yet another attempt of a record label to capitalize on a band' former success. For those that follow the band's history, you know that this band mainly paid the bills by the occasional killer ballad, even though they were a rock and roll band in the purest sense. An album like this seems a bit unnecessary since a lot of what is on here is already on a "greatest hits" package somewhere. Roughly half of what is here is on the 1998 single disc compilation The Hits, and the rest of the material here really isn't that memorable.

There are two new songs, but whereas they have their charms, they sound as though REO was trying to record a couple of ballads instead of making a good song, and then just letting the "ballad" part float to the top. So they really aren't anything memorable. Some of the album tracks are questionable, especially when there are a lot of things that could have been included from the Kevin Cronin era that are mysteriously absent. Plus, I never really considered Take It On The Run to be a ballad, but I guess since it was a hit, it guaranteed a slightly higher profitable margin. Overall it's pleasant, but there are better compilations out there.

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