This Time We Mean It (1975)

1. Reelin' 2. Headed for a Fall 3. River of Life 4. Out of Control 5. You Better REalize 6. Gambler 7. Candelera 8. Lies 9. Dance 10.Dream Weaver


Now there's an album title for you. Sounds like they were really desperate to get people to pay attention to them. Well, their material from their last couple of releases was pretty awful, and to their credit, this one is a lot better. That's not to necessarily say good, just a lot better.

It does seem they're trying to recapture a bit of the glory days from their first couple of albums. Maybe "glory" is too strong of a word, but those records seemed to have a bit of spontaneity and fun to them that they had been sadly lacking ever since. They sound like they're trying to have a good time. The opening track Reelin' is probably the most well known thing here, and it's still nothing like the "classic" version of this band, but the song does sound much more upbeat and interesting. The best song on here? Undoubtedly the cover of The Eagles' Out of Control, which makes you wonder if the strength of this early version of this band may have been better channeled had they covered other people's material.

So although I still don't really like this album, I can at least come to an understanding of how someone might had they been a fan of such music. Overall, all of the songs seemed to have at least a little something going for them, and you can hear Gary Richrath's signature guitar a lot more on this record. I confess, though, by the time I get to about the seventh or eighth song, I get real tired of listening.

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