Live From Sound Stage (2007)

1. With a Little Help From My Friends/ It Don't Come Easy 2. Octopus's Garden 3. Choose Love 4. I Wanna Be Your Man 5. Don't Pass Me By 6. I'm the Greatest 7. Memphis on Your Mind 8. Photograph 9. Never Without You 10.Back Off Boogaloo 11.Boys 12.Yellow Submarine 13.Act Naturally 14.With a Little Help From My Friends


A live show done for PBS around the time of his Choose Love album came out in 2005. Also served as a PBS concert. Concerts by Ringo by himself were fairly rare. He had been performing on and off well over a decade with his "All Starr Band" that I, personally, never got into because he always had different musicians in the band and never really made for a consistent experience. This album, though, is all Ringo. He had Colin Hay from Men at Work sharing the stage, but those songs have been edited out for the compact disc pressing.

The songs here are what you'd expect - mostly well known Beatle numbers that he sang, a few of his classic solo numbers from the early seventies when people were buying his solo albums, and a few new songs. In that way, this album really serves more as a greatest hits album - just with a live audience. There's really not that much different here that the original recordings, but you really expected nothing more from Ringo and his touring band The Roundheads.

Don't Pass Me By really comes off well, especially with it's "demo" opening that became known on one of The Beatles' Anthology albums. Other highlights are Back off Boogaloo and the somewhat sing along version of Yellow Submarine. Other than that, the songs sound about the same as their studio versions, which is to say o.k. and never embarrassing. He even drums on a few songs, and still does have it even though he was 65 when the record was made. On that note, it's slightly more fun watching the DVD as you see his positive energy abound on stage.

Not a "must" by any means, but this is about as good as you'll ever get if you want live Ringo.

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